Friday, November 15, 2013

RETURN of the Scream Scene!

If you read the post "Scream Scene", you must be assuming at this point that we received another grant. 
YOU WOULD BE CORRECT!!!!!!  WOW!!  God's provision is amazing!  We were not expecting this at all, but in yesterday's mail was a letter from Show Hope telling us we were recipients of a
$4000 GRANT!!!!
Such shock!  Such joy!  Such screaming and squealing!!
We have not requested the amounts that we've been given with our two recent grant awards of $4000 each - it's just coincidence that they were the same amount!  Our thermometer in the sidebar is looking pretty in green.  :) 
When other's are asking us about the financial aspect of adoption, I continue to try and be encouraging because, despite moments where my faith is lacking, we KNOW God will provide. 

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  1. How wonderful! Congrats! Praise the Lord!

    Warmly, Addie


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