Tuesday, September 17, 2013

May I Have an ENVELOPE Please? PART 1

We are beginning a new fundraiser and are incredibly excited at the potential it has for bringing our boy home!  It’s easy to be involved and be part of making an AMAZING difference!  We began our adoption process needing to save and raise $28,600 of the over $41,000 in adoption expenses!  We have raised just over $10,000 thus far!  God is good!  If you are unable to participate, would you consider sharing it with someone?  Thank you for your consideration!


We have 150 numbered envelopes (#1-#150) that we're hoping will be claimed.

Here's what will happen when you say "YES" and claim an envelope:
1. You request a specific envelope number based on the amount you would like to donate.  (For example, if you request envelope #37, you'd be donating $37.)  You can also request a range, like numbers 10-20 or 50-60, and we will randomly pull one envelope from those available within that range.  We will either mail or bring you the envelope, and you place the coordinating dollar amount inside.
2. The checks will be made payable to our church, Macedonia Baptist.
*You can donate the money as an individual or get a group to join you – Sunday School class,
  friends, homeschool or community group, co-workers, etc!  Eleven people donating just ONE dollar
  can claim the #11 envelope!  Please note:  if you claim an envelope as a group, the person who
  submits your donation is responsible for dividing the prize should your name be pulled in the
  drawing.  :)
3.  For claiming an envelope and donating, we will enter your name into a give-away for various goodies, including the GRAND PRIZE of your choice – $300 or iPad mini!!
     - You will receive an additional entry for every $20 increment of your donation! 
     - You will receive an entry if you go to our facebook page and share our post regarding this
        fundraiser!!  (Jon AndChristella Hudson)

+For the give-away to take place, we need to have at least 100 of the envelopes claimed, so tell your friends!  The more who know, the more envelopes that will be claimed!  As long as 100 envelopes are returned, the give-away will take place on December 20th – Merry Christmas!

****FOR THE AMAZING PART...If all 150 envelopes are claimed, we'll raise over $11,000!!!****
We pray you’ll say “yes” and help the fatherless!  EVERY SINGLE envelope MATTERS! 
Thank you so much for considering this!


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