Saturday, August 5, 2017

YOU pick STYLE, COLOR, and PRICE Adoption Fundraiser Shirts!!!!

WHAT:  Shirt fundraiser with all proceeds benefiting our adoption of a sweet 4-year-old in the Philippines with Down Syndrome.

MEANING:  This is our 7th adoption (5th adoption process), and each time we have had a "theme" of sorts.  A meaningful expression of the journey to rally our joy when things become tiresome, stressful, or just plain hard.  "Choose What is Right, Not What is Easy" is actually a life motto for us.  It's a reminder that the things in life worth fighting for can be hard, but just because it's difficult, does not mean it isn't worth the work.  Every one of our children is worth the effort it takes to get to them.  God's power shines fiercely when He brings the impossible to possible, and we get to stand back in amazement at His glory.

PICK YOUR STYLE & COLOR:  The cool thing about this campaign is that you can pick the style and color, and we will check with our printer to see if it's available!!  Tshirt, vneck, 3/4 sleeve, ladies, tank top (racerbacks can print front only), sweatshirt, hoodie, even a muscle tank is available!  Maybe you like a particular brand, or need your shirt in a Tall, or the Soft Style doesn't work for you - just ask for what you want!  Maybe you have 5 adoption shirts in grey and just really want a different color! Pick your color! If it's available, it's yours!  Keep in mind the design is black and won't show on dark color tees. 
(If that makes the decision way too difficult, just go with a classic Soft Style tee!  They are a crowd favorite!)

PICK YOUR OWN PRICE:  WHAT?!  It's true!  I'll let you know the actual cost we pay for the shirt, and you decide the total you feel led to donate.  Please keep shipping in mind if you aren't local - regular tees are approximately $3 each to ship, sweatshirts/hoodies run about $7 each to ship.  Every single PENNY beyond the actual cost we pay goes toward our adoption expenses! 
Sample costs:
Classic Softstyle and Youth/Toddler, our cost=$7, 2XL-$9, 3XL-$10.75, 4XL-$11
Hoodie or Sweatshirt SoftStyle, our cost=$17, 2XL-$20.50, 3XL-$22
Baseball Style, our cost=$12, 2XL-$13.50, 3XL-$14.75
V-neck, our cost=$9.50, 2XL-$11, 3XL-$12
For example, if you order a classic shirt and donate $15, $8 would go toward our adoption!

ORDERING:  I need the size, style, color, and quantity, plus your mailing address if they are being shipped.  You can email, fb message, or text.  You can pay when you order, or when I receive the shirts.  Mail a check or paypal to (please send as money to friends and family so we are not charged a fee).  Send us your order asap, because otherwise you might forget!  We will be taking orders through August 30th, and you should receive your order by mid-September.

FREE STUFF:  Check out our facebook event for ways to win FREE Classic tees!!

Classic SoftStyle Gildan Tees (true to size)
 Mens Muscle Tank

 Ladies Muscle Tank by Bella (size up from unisex for usual fit, size up 2 or 3 sizes if you want it loose)

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