Thursday, June 29, 2017

Simply A Family

A young man at a restaurant eyed our family curiously.  While gesturing to our eight children, he politely said, "Okay, I have to ask.  What's the story here?"

With a smile I replied, "We're simply a family."

We've been asked all sorts of questions by curious strangers, which we don't mind too much because we love to advocate for adoption.  Those inquisitive minds inspired this fun t-shirt!  

This design is a precursor to our main fundraiser tee coming in late July or August. I understand the design below is not for everybody, although it is offered in front/back OR front only design.  If you are one of our sweet supporters who is anxious to help us fundraise and spread awareness by donating for a tee, but this particular one doesn't fit for you, have no fear - the main fundraiser design is a shirt absolutely anyone can wear!  :)

Sample tees have arrived!
The Heather White of the baseball tee is actually a light grey - super cute!

Different Options, too! We will also consider any special requests, like tall sizes, tanks, or maybe a tee that is not the soft style, so just ask!

Click on the links for a website that has sizing info under "View Specs".  All pricing listed is suggested donation only - if you have less to give, it is still a blessing to our family!  For shipping, please add $3 per item.
A. Baseball Top, Blue/Heather White OR Gray Sleeves/Heather White, XS - 3XL, $23
B. MENS V-neck, Blue OR Gray, S - 3XL (easily works for women, too), $20
C. WOMENS V-neck, Blue OR Gray, S - 3XL (these run small!), $20
D. Soft Hoody, Blue OR Gray, S - 3XL, $30
E. Soft Unisex Tee, Sapphire Blue OR Gray, S - 3XL, $18
F. Youth Tee, Sapphire Blue OR Gray, YS - YXL, $15

Make sure you let me know the style, color, size, and if you want front/back or front ONLY.  Contact is   You can pay via, or mail a check! Taking orders through mid-July!

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